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We at Himalayas feel privileged to be in an internationally famed 'The Garden City - Christchurch of the South island, New Zealand with the centrally located 161 hectare Hagley Park, the botanical gardens, a mixture of iconic and state-of-the-art and modern buildings. We are just 2 minutes away from Casino and 1 minute away from new central Christchurch City Library.

The Himalayas is owned and operated by two energetic partners, JD and Pavi. JD is hospitality graduates from PIHMS, New Plymouth and has ample experience in hospitality whereas Pavi brings along his experience in marketing and management.

Before starting Himalayas JD has worked in few hotels in Queenstown and successfully managing restaurant for a few years. JD and Pavi both hail from Punjab province of India. Mention Punjab and the first Image comes to mind is that of lush green fields, mention Punjabi food and the first dish comes to mind is Murg Makhani (Butter chicken).

Punjab is the land of five rivers. Punjabi cuisine is like Punjabi's themselves. it's simple, sizeable and hearty with exotic flavors. Punjab has imbibed some aspects of its cuisines from external influences Connoisseurs of the cuisines, say that the gravy component of Punjabi cuisine came from the Mughals. The most popular example is the MURG MAKHANI. Punjabi food is wholesome and full of rustic flavor. Naan's, Roti's andParantha's are typical Punjabi breads and they all are cooked in Tandoor. Punjabi cuisine is characterised by a profusion of dairy products in the form of Malai (Cream), Paneer (Cottage Cheese) and Yoghurt. Though chicken is favourite with non-vegetarians, fish is also considered a delicacy, especially in the Amritsar region, which is also known for its "Kulcha", baked bread made of refined flour. Tall glasses of Lassi, made from yoghurt tempered with either salt, sugar or Mango pulp is a popular cooling drink of Punjab region.

It is amazing to see how Punjabi cuisine has got more complex with specialized restaurants surfacing all over the world. Punjab became one of the wealthiest province of India because of its great plain land situated in the feet of the outer Himalayas or Shivalik Hills.

Himalaya is a Sanskrit word which means abode of Snow 'Hima' means 'Snow' and 'alaya' means 'abode'. Himalayas is classified as outer Himalayas or Shivalik Hills, which means belonging to Lord Shiva (The HIndu God).

JD and Pavi would like to thank you for your time to visit our website and we look forward to give you a warm welcome at the Himalayas restaurant.

Kind Regards
JD & Pavi


830A, Colombo Street, City Centre,
Christchurch, 8013
(03) 3778935
Lunch: Tue – Fri 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM
Dinner: Tue – Sun 5:00 PM till Late.


3A, 29 Huntingdon Drive,
Rangiora, 7400
(03) 4211665

Wed- Mon 5:00 PM till Late.